Joan Jones


Lompoc, CA


My passion for painting began at age 10 when my grandfather gave me an easel to help pass the time while I recuperated from infantile paralysis.
At Grinnell College (Grinnell, IA), I pursued my passion and majored in art. Later, during an l8-year, professional Public Relations career with the YWCA in Iowa, Texas, Virginia, and California and the American Red Cross in Los Angeles, I honed my graphics skills.
For fun, I designed costumes for a professional theatrical company in Hollywood.
For the last 30 years, I've been doing what I enjoy most -- painting, and when I can manage it, working from live models -- the ultimate challenge as well as the ultimate pleasure, for me.
In February, 2011, I staged "My Last Hurrah."at the Grossman Gallery in Lompoc. The reception proved so successful that had I known how much so, I'd probably have had a last hurrah years ago. The only confusion has been that friends and clients assume I'm not ever again going to put brush to paper. My response is always, "No, it's one-person shows with the attendant planning, organizing,sorting, delivering, hanging, publicizing, and taking down that Dick and I are through with." (Now, of course, I do know others, not necessarily in my field, who've come out of retirement to play again. Brett Favre and B.S. come to mind.)
The Lord has blessed me with good health, good teachers, and the support of family and friends in the pursuit of my craft.

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Dos Amigos by Joan Jones


Model-at-Rest by Joan Jones


Quiet Afternoon by Joan Jones


Topless gal wearing glasses by Joan Jones


Nude female by Joan Jones


Young Black and Handsome by Joan Jones


Clip-on Earrings by Joan Jones


Black and White by Joan Jones


Nursery Rhyme-Time by Joan Jones


Untamed by Joan Jones


The Guitarist by Joan Jones


Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man by Joan Jones


Assorted pieces by Joan Jones


turquoise and seed bead set by Joan Jones


Model's Back by Joan Jones


turquoise necklace and earrings by Joan Jones